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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2004|12:42 am]
ooc: and...last one for Thorondir's. wow that was quick. this one is very tiny and the rest will be in Grima's

In which Mouth goes again after accusing ErendisCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2004|06:03 am]
ooc: Me and Ariel finished a storyline. I decided to post it, for once instead of leaving it on my computer like the other eighteen. Some will be posted in here but the remaining ones will be placed in Grima's journal, for relevant characters.

Ps: The pills Erendis talks about are the result of a nightmare curse from Eight I can't remember if we posted or not

In which Mouth discovers from Grima he has been cloned and is harassed (along with Thorondir) by Mouth 2Collapse )

My new name for Mouth is Toots >.> it covers growing insecurities. etc.

In which Thorondir is slightly inebriated and Mouth goes off for some weird clone thingCollapse )

not being insecure. o.o he loves me, he loves me, he loves me...

In which Erendis comforts Thorondir.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2004|12:23 pm]
[state of distress |frustratedfrustrated]
[background noise |Mouth having another breakdown]

Um. Lab update.

Grima's suddenly decided he Cares about mine and Gwathren's well-being which mostly seems to involve a lot of yelling at Mouth and calling him a pedophile which leads to Mouth acting incredibly weird around me and randomly declaring that I must be sent off to school which we all know will end in everyone dead and me hiding under a desk waiting for the authorities to show up so I can finish what's left of my ammunition.

...if I didn't have these damn controls in my head. I miss hurting things. I miss the impression of being able to defend myself and Mouth's pained yelps.

Actually I mostly miss that last part. Currently I am experimenting with causing him passive pain via Erendis and Quorin. Namuras is not yielding to my whims. He keeps floating through me and pretending I don't exist.

Avoiding Ioreth. Mouth has told me that falling on a sword or gouging my eyes out with a broach is out of the question and the fact I'm not all Tilion and actually part Gondorian fills me with all sorts of heebie jeebies.

I mean, Gondorian? There is no Eru.



I really really don't want to end up in a school. It sounds vaguely unsanitary.
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2004|05:00 am]
[state of distress |innocent]
[background noise |oh, they took away my ability to hurt people. I am screwed.]

Since Erendis and Mouth have given their summary of events I feel I should dig Mouth a deeper hole present a less-biased view of events. :D

Ioreth was supposed to do this but she reviewed the past few months and started muttering that she needed alone time with her Mouth voodoo doll so. Uh.


Fuck this cheery shit. Let us focus on the lab events.

  1. Mouth cannot resist my wiles. or my jailbait icon
  2. Trotter sort of cracked. I didn't do it, it's all someone else's fault I bet it's that damn dirty Gwathren's!
  3. Gwathren sucks. In the 'sleep with Mouth while I'm busy gnawing off Six's finger for self-preservation' sense.
  4. Mouth tends to go evil and brainwash people. This is BAD.
  5. oh, at some point right between point two and three, Mouth made the lab go boom and went crazy and stuff and I think he was sane during the lab thing but he denies it. But I was there and he passed out and went evil and then commited suicide and I may have summoned a known evil thing but I AM YOUNG AND DEFENSELESS OMG don't blame me even if I'm evil too.
  6. I think I'm confused now.
  7. Erendis also sucks. Ioreth likes to make Mouth cry (a fine sport) and uh, Grima's kind of there... I cannot bully him and he does not pay attention to me so we'll skip my v. important view of his activities during all this. I think he angsted. If he can. I said all I'm going to about Trotter above and don't make me look all fragile and helpless at you. I have perfected it. See icon.
  8. I can make Erendis have a fit if I giggle about dead kittens!
  9. ehehe dead kitties.
  10. If any escaped, I am so screwed.
  11. It still isn't Mouth's (or my encouragment's) fault the lab got blown up. It was Erendis and her wraith-related activities!
  12. Wraiths really suck. Especially ones named Eight that have weird obsessions with tying me up.
  13. Stupid wraiths.
  14. He bit me too. And I think he cursed Erendis but she Deserves It.
  15. I cannot figure out how to turn off this number thing and I suspect Mouth knows I am up to something.


Hah! Free of the numerical tyranny.

I'll just be over there with a book trying to look innocent.


Oh, question. Why is Grima a large bushy black ferret? At least I think it's Grima. I'm just going by Erendis' word cause she gets really bitchy when I start questioning her replacement of her husband with a suspiciously shaped rodent.

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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2003|04:30 am]
In which Thorondir has a dream, Mouth extoles the virtues of women's clothes, no sex is had and maid-duty is discussedCollapse )

o.o then the pink elephants showed up.

tugs blanket over his head
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2003|05:21 pm]
uh, apparently today is my birthday or creation day or something.

Mouth keeps going on about ages of consent. I'm sixteen now, right?


I'll ask Ioreth when I'm not in fear of my life.
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2003|09:32 am]
So. Mouth's willing to get me far far away.

It's kind of sweet...something, anyway, except for the part that he doesn't want to know where I'm going next. At which point that whole "he just wants rid of me" thing comes back up like a fucker.

Mouth also doesn't seem to get, during mid-lecture about how I should be treated after seeing my ribs, that if anyone except Ioreth or Grima were doing anything I didn't like I'd have no problem making their lives hell. Take Mouth's existence for the past month.

A few Trotter-related bruises do not make me poor wee abused Thorondir. However, I think next time I'm going to kick him. Or nothing, since Mouth seems to get really huffy for some reason. So. Erm.


He's angsting about Ioreth right now. Thought it would be best if I went and confessed to her. Then I realized I was being as fucking stupid as Mouth. Dismissed idea.

Changed mind.

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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2003|12:11 am]
In which Mouth objects to Thorondir purring, sex with Trotter on Mouth's bed is suggested, Thorondir says 'fuck it' and goes before Mouth gets him back and finally goes through with itCollapse )

Okay, so that was last night. Also, issues. I wasn't allowed to do anything. He called it an 'apology'. Oy.

TODAY Ioreth came around and asked if I was keeping up with my lessons with Mouth, we all had a nice pleasant chat then she wrote "Child" on my hand with rethium. >.< fucking bitch. At least it wasn't my face.

Then Mouth gave me a panicky lesson and going on about responsibility and what's a good idea and what's a bad idea then I decided to hide on his bed under a blanket while he panicked and thought I was having a breakdown or something thenwehadsexagain and now I've found a camera so I'm taking all sorts of embarassing pictures of him that I'll post later.

hmm. Gwathren doesn't hate me anymore and I think I should find Trotter at some point and avoid Grima at all costs and and I'm tired I'm going back to bed now bye.
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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2003|01:22 am]
In which we take off where we mostly left off and ages of consent, Trotter sex (plus Thorondir's demands that Mouth not smite him) and how to be a good clone are discussedCollapse )

In which Mouth becomes jealous, Thorondir tells him off and takes a stand of sorts. Or a position in any caseCollapse )

Right-o. For a guy who keeps insisting I'm a nephew figure he has possession issues ¬.¬

In which Trotter speaks to Mouth, is threatened, cursed, and once again Thorondir stomps his foot and gets his wayCollapse )

In which Thorondir argues with Mouth's decision to allow Trotter to become his guardian again and reveals that yes, actually, he isn't required to be on his back on the time. Evil overlording is discussed and Thorondir looks forward to his new life goalCollapse )

So there's my past few days. I vaguely recall a time when I was very insulting to this sort of behaviour ¬.¬ bloody bloody hormones.

For the record? I give up. He starts, he stops, he goes on about how he should be shot so I'm just going to start bringing really thick books to bed instead. Not just to smack him over the head with.

That is all.

ooc: Come back tomorrow for the EPIC CONCLUSION which will take less than eighteen pages we promise :D :D :D really.
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this post paid for by confutatis inc. [Aug. 19th, 2003|02:23 pm]
[state of distress |helpful-ish]
[background noise |pots falling down as I try to make Gwathren a surprise]

My account got renewed(see subject line). So I switched some icons. And I was going to show them until I realized I was on my back in all of them for some fucking reason.

I have chats to post. You can fucking wait.

must...break...bonds of ooc...

I think Gwathren's living in a closet. There's a trail of sugar cookie crumbs leading to one in the hall.

It's really hard to try and remember you want to make someone immortal WHEN THEY TRY AND CLAW YOUR EYES OUT. bitch >.<

That reminds me. Mouth's been too busy trying not to fuck me to keep up with my lessons. I'll remind him later. Maybe.

I should get Gwathren some food and see if she still wants me dead ¬.¬
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