Thorondir (iorethscreation) wrote,

Thorondir: I don't want to be like Mouth. I want to be myself
Mouth: *ruffles Thorondir's hair* mn. You're certainly sharper and more biting than I am.
Thorondir: ¬.¬
Mouth: *small smile*
Thorondir: *gnaw*
Mouth: *eyedarts* That means you're hungry right?
Thorondir: feeeed me?
Mouth: Right. So what do you want to eat?
Thorondir: *chews on Mouth's arm*
Mouth: ...little cannible.
Thorondir: *beams*
Mouth: So have you talked to Ioreth about the 12 year old age of consent thing?
Thorondir: ...I don't want to talk to her
Mouth: *shrugs* Still smarting from the talking to she gave you?
Thorondir: *nods*
Mouth: Right. Well me too. Except well she wasn't really angry with me which was almost more disturbing. o.o
Thorondir: 's cause I'm the..stuff. *yawns and stops biting Mouth*
Mouth: You really don't have to be though... *inspects arm* Good I have some actual flesh left.
Thorondir: Don't have to be what?
Mouth: The bad clone. I mean it's not like it would take much energy at all to be better than Quorin or Trotter.
Thorondir: that's just how I am. She said so. *looks down and plays with his sleeve*
Mouth: ...I don't believe that. You could be better.
Mouth: *hugs Thorondir*
Thorondir: hissssss
Mouth: *backs off* ...sorry.
Thorondir: I really need a sofa to dart under for that
Mouth: ...what did I do wrong?
Thorondir: hisss
Mouth: ...Right. Well. Goodnight then.
Thorondir: *pounce*
Mouth: *quizzical look* Am so confused.
Thorondir: *bite*
Mouth: Ouch! That one hurt. *mumbledrawingbloodmumblevampire*
Thorondir: to me, my children of the night!
Mouth: *eyedart* So what's gotten into you all of a sudden?
Thorondir: nothing
Mouth: Right. ...if Thuringwethil had gotten ahold of you, I doubt you be around to hiss and pounce at me.
Thorondir: Maybe I caught Vanyon's eye?
Mouth: Nice try but Vanyon doesn't like the idea of spawn.
Thorondir: I'm really endearing
Mouth: Rather think he'd kidnap you and then...*eyedarts* right. So I wouldn't see you again.
Thorondir: He'd kidnap me and what?
Mouth: So it's time for all good spawnlings to go to sleep.
Thorondir: What would he do?
Mouth: Couldn't say for sure. *eyedarts* I don't really know him by anything more than reputation.
Thorondir: And what sort of reputation does he have?
Mouth: Keeping "pets" of anyone who catches his eye until he bores of them and/or die.
Thorondir: pets?
Mouth: ...pets.
Thorondir: Like, hamsters?
Mouth: Sorta...if you were the kind who like to molest and/or torture hamsters.
Thorondir: molest, eh
Thorondir: Sorry, can't hear you. Vampire molestation... if he kidnapped me it wouldn't be my fault at all, would it?
Mouth: *sigh* such a one track mind... >.<
Thorondir: Mm. Vampires
Mouth: I really would rather you screwed Trotter silly than try bait either of them.
Thorondir: Trotter. o.o *quickly re-adjusts his collar*
Mouth: ...what?
Thorondir: nothing.
Mouth: ...right don't want to know. >.<
Mouth: *crawls into bed frowning*
Thorondir: *curls up behind Mouth and nuzzles* What?
Thorondir: hmm. *hops out of bed*
Mouth: ...
Thorondir: *looks up from pulling off his shirt* yes?
Mouth: ...what are you doing? o.o
Thorondir: getting into some clean nightclothes
Mouth: ...*turns over and faces the wall*
Thorondir: *frowns at some bruises and tugs the nightshirt over* There we go. :D
Mouth: >.< Why don't you go sleep with him?
Thorondir: What?
Mouth: Trotter. As you've already had sex tonight.
Thorondir: Says who?
Mouth: ...
Mouth: Well have you?
Thorondir: You said I shouldn't tell you if I did.
Mouth: Right. *bites lip*
Mouth: ...Just be careful okay.
Thorondir: careful about what? Ioreth won't pay attention if it isn't you anyway. She didn't even know last time until someone else brought it up
Mouth: *small nod and closes eyes*
Thorondir: So there. *cuddles against Mouth*
Mouth: *lies there stiffly*
Thorondir: ...what?
Mouth: I told you I wouldn't if you were having sex with Trotter.
Thorondir: You haven't got any proof I did
Mouth: *reaches over and pokes at marks on Thorondir's neck that were previously covered by his collar* How would you like to explain those.
Thorondir: winged hobbit assault
Mouth: Watches Thorondir closely. Are you telling me the truth?
Thorondir: sure. *tugs up the shirt and points at a bunch of little bruises over his hips* See? And these could be from that too. Nothing relating to Trotter
Mouth: *sits up in bed* Well you know I could go ask Ioreth if the hobbits were out today..
Thorondir: They're always escaping for some reason or another
Mouth: ...They haven't been out for awhile. I thought we had improved the security system. In any case Ioreth would know. *crawls out of bed*
Thorondir: *grabs Mouth's leg*
Mouth: Yes?
Thorondir: Do you really have to go ask her?
Mouth: Would it matter...since you WERE telling me the truth?
Thorondir: Why do you need to check?
Mouth: Pure curiosity.
Thorondir: *frowns*
Mouth: ...and above all I respect honesty.
Thorondir: *grumbles*
Thorondir: I didn't break what I said I'd do, you know
Mouth: Let me guess. Trotter started it?
Thorondir: I was just making sure I'd gotten everything done right o.o
Mouth: and?
Thorondir: And um. o.o
Thorondir: All I said was hi!
Mouth: ...*sits down on the edge of the bed* >.< Will have to have a talk with Trotter.
Thorondir: You aren't allowed to smite him
Mouth: Why?
Thorondir: *glares*
Mouth: Do you honestly think you have any leverage with me in this matter?
Thorondir: ...please don't
Mouth: ...well you were honest with me.
Mouth: *lies back down*
Thorondir: Do I have to go?
Mouth: ...not this time but PLEASE don't do it again.
Thorondir: ...*curls up beside Mouth*
Mouth: *closes eyes and holds him*
Mouth: You will won't you?
Thorondir: personal attention like that is nice.
Mouth: ;_;
Thorondir: *curls up closer to Mouth*
Mouth: You'll end up hurt.
Thorondir: What do you mean?
Mouth: ...Ioreth will find out somehow... And Trotter probably just doing it to irk me.
Thorondir: *shrugs*
Mouth: ... He didn't hurt you too badly did he?
Thorondir: What?
Mouth: ...the bruises.
Thorondir: He's just got a tight grip
Mouth: ...oh...
Thorondir: What were you thinking? o.O
Mouth: ...dont' want to know.
Thorondir: yes I do. It was about me. So tell me
Mouth: was only sorta about you. So no I don't have to say anything.
Thorondir: Yes you do
Mouth: Fine. Generally speaking...he was hurting you for fun.
Thorondir: *blink*
Mouth: ...oh come on. Don't tell me you've never come across the concept.
Thorondir: Not exactly
Mouth: *eyedarts* Didn't read all the way through that book then did you?
Thorondir: I kind of lost interest
Mouth: *cheerily* well all for the best.
Thorondir: I think I have sort of an idea what you mean. But two different things o.o
Mouth: What do you mean?
Thorondir: Hey, if you don't explain anything I don't explain anything
Mouth: *eye narrows* I explained.
Thorondir: Just a little bit.
Mouth: Nevermind. Just go to sleep.
Thorondir: No. Tell me.
Mouth: Not saying another word. If you must - go read about it.
Thorondir: *glares* Could ask him to demonstrate
Mouth: >.< Go away.
Thorondir: I think I just suggested that I was going to do that, yes
Mouth: ;_; Go then.
Thorondir: Or you could just tell me.
Mouth: Don't want to talk about it.
Thorondir: So you want me to find out the other way?
Mouth: Listen. Ever time I request that you don't do something of that nature you do it anyways. It really doesn't matter if I explain it or'll just go off and try it anyways.
Thorondir: I promise I won't if you just tell me
Mouth: *warey look* Okay. Sadism - the deriving of pleasure or sexual gratitification from inflicting pain on others. Masochism - the deriving of pleasure or sexual gratification from being physically or emotionally abused.
Thorondir: You in the first category?
Mouth: *eyedarts* why would you think that?
Thorondir: Just asking
Mouth: Why?
Thorondir: Because I want to know
Mouth: Hmpf. What catergory would *you* fall under?
Thorondir: Don't know. Never thought about either
Mouth: isn't very clear cut alot of the time depends on the circumstances. *shifty look*
Thorondir: So it's you I should have asked to demonstrate?
Mouth: *swallows* Maybe.
Mouth: ...not that I would.
Thorondir: Even if I got Ioreth to say she wouldn't mind?
Mouth: would never be able to do that>
Thorondir: Just answer my question
Mouth: wouldn't like it.
Thorondir: I don't know. It sounds sort of interesting
Mouth: *sigh* Fine. If you could get Ioreth to say she wouldn't mind but mind you - you're just asking to be rescarred.
Thorondir: I think I have the proper angle to go at things. How's the sailor skirt, by the way?
Mouth: *through a clentched jaw* Just fine thank you.
Thorondir: wonder if she really likes being touched by a guy all that much *nuzzles*
Mouth: o.o *droops a bit*
Thorondir: what?
Mouth: Miss her.
Thorondir: shh.
Mouth: *clings to Thorondir*
Thorondir: *kisses Mouth on the forehead*
Mouth: *leans in to kiss Thorondir's neck but catches a glimpse of the marks so just lays his head on Thorondir's shoulder instead*
Thorondir: mm. besides, if anyone does do something I don't like I am capable of telling them to go fuck themselves
Mouth: *not really listening* mmhum.
Thorondir: Or I could lay there helplessly and weep. And then go back for more because gosh, I love abuse
Mouth: mmn.
Thorondir: In fact, I only chase after you because I think that's what you'll end up doing :D
Mouth: *blinks* What?
Thorondir: I was going on about my rape fantasies and you were making agreeing noises. You're very helpful
Mouth: o.o sorry. Wasn't really listening.
Thorondir: It's okay. I'll expect you at noon sharp
Mouth: >.< I'm sure I didn't agree to anything like that...without Ioreth's permission *eyedarts*
Thorondir: *innocent look*
Mouth: oookay. Enough cuddling for you for tonight. Need sleep.
Thorondir: *makes a note to behave for the next week*

Mouth: ;_;
Mouth: know that shouldn't disturb me as much as it does.
Mouth: ...I want Ioreth.
Thorondir: o.o such positions!
Mouth: *sidelong glance*
Thorondir: yes?
Mouth: Half the time I think you're sleeping with him just to irk me...
Thorondir: Would I do that?
Mouth: Maybe. Or you could be just that fickle.
Thorondir: ...fickle?
Mouth: ...or sex oriented...
Thorondir: that must be it
Mouth: Mmn. Haven't seen Gwathren around for awhile...
Thorondir: Don't want to talk to her
Mouth: You were friends right? What happened?
Thorondir: uh. don't want to talk about it.
Mouth: Okay. mmn.
Thorondir: *nods and peeks into the word file to see how the story is going*
Mouth: *eyedarts*
Thorondir: *beams*
Mouth: *twitch*
Thorondir: What?
Mouth: Nothing.
Mouth: ...doesn't make sense anywas.
Thorondir: mm?
Mouth: >.< Feeling bloody betrayed.
Thorondir: You're the one who keeps going on about loving Ioreth and calling me like a nephew ¬.¬
Mouth: ...exactly.
Thorondir: So you aren't allowed to feel 'betrayed'
Mouth: Precisely.
Thorondir: *nods* *reads more*
Mouth: Although you'd go back to him even if I had...
Thorondir: Had what?
Mouth: Thinking too much... *waves hand* Should really finish this chapter before I do some minor adjustments to the temperatures in the lab.
Thorondir: Had *what*? *pinch*
Mouth: The thermostat is off by a few degre....ouch.
Thorondir: *pinchpinch*
Mouth: >.< OUCH. Bah fine. Even if I had gone though with'd still go back to him. I'm nothing more than a bloody diversion...
Thorondir: *blinks* But I don't like him all that much
Thorondir: It's the little things. Like nearly strangling me and instantly choosing the worst reason for my behaviour ¬.¬ and the fact he sorta dislikes me
Mouth: bloody anyone. Right and that's supposed to make me feel better about it?
Thorondir: *curls up*
Mouth: ...I'm sorry.
Mouth: *pets* Really shouldn't have opened my mouth.
Thorondir: *grabs a book and ignores*
Mouth: Listen...I really didn't meant it like that. *hesitates then rubs his back* Listen. Rampant stupid senselyess jealosy...bit of a downfall. Always gets me into trouble.
Thorondir: ¬.¬ but you don't want me. why the hell are you jealous?
Mouth: >.< Right.
Thorondir: you *don't*.
Mouth: You don't understand...
Thorondir: nope
Mouth: ...and I can't explain.
Thorondir: *glares*
Mouth: I never said I didn't want you.
Thorondir: you don't
Mouth: Why do you say that?
Thorondir: If you did I'd be handing Trotter his head on a platter. *reads*
Mouth: *confused look* what?
Thorondir: *reads*
Mouth: The problem is not so much wanting you as it is...not really being able to...
Thorondir: mmph. Trotter shouldn't be able and he does it anyway. *turns a page*
Mouth: I like you too much to risk hurting you like Trotter is doing...
Thorondir: hurting me?
Mouth: >.< Sex equals Rethium burns for you!! How much clearer do I have to be?
Thorondir: Then just don't let her. *reads*
Mouth: Don't let her? Right. In case you haven't noticed it's rather difficult to prevent Ioreth from doing anything she doesn't want to do...
Thorondir: You're a maia.
Mouth: ...I don't want to use my powers on her...that's very wrong...and I love her.
Thorondir: I'll dig my mask out of its box later then
Mouth: ;_;
Thorondir: *reads*
Mouth: *head in hands* ...maybe I could stop her...
Thorondir: Or you could just stop being jealous and leave me to Trotter.
Mouth: ...go away.
Thorondir: *gets up and heads off to Trotter's room*
Mouth: Bloody hell. >.< ... ;_;

Right-o. For a guy who keeps insisting I'm a nephew figure he has possession issues ¬.¬

Trotter: *peeks in*
Mouth: ...have been wanting to talk to you.
Trotter: Really now?
Mouth: Yes. You've been having sex with Thorondir, yes?
Trotter: On and off.
Mouth: Will you please stop?
Trotter: On his word, certainly
Mouth: He is a child with poor judgement. I'm requesting that you cease until he is of proper age at least.
Trotter: I'm a bad choice?
Mouth: Anyone is a bad choice for him at this point.
Trotter: Mmhmm
Mouth: What's that supposed to mean? *narrows eyes*
Trotter: nothing.
Mouth: No- by all means. If you any concerns please tell me.
Trotter: I don't see the harm
Mouth: Ioreth will scar him with rethium if he has sex. Do you need any more reason?
Trotter: Doesn't hurt me all that much
Mouth: >.< If you're going to be that way about it - I could see that it does.
Trotter: *picks up his sword* oh?
Mouth: Right well. *Holds Trotter in place with air* There. I think I've figured out a fair way to deal with this problem and I'm not going to have you chop me into bits before I explain.
Trotter: Your fair way?
Mouth: You don't have an reason not to, you say...and he's refusing to look after himself. So tonight I'm going to put in place a deterrent...for all of us.
Trotter: *raises his eyebrow*
Mouth: If Thorondir sleeps with anyone before he's of age, he and that person will develop a rather unpleasent case of boils...over the body. That should be effective.
Mouth Depp: their entire body...
Trotter: You're disturbing, you know that?
Mouth: *small smile* Yes I do.
Trotter: And he won't let you live through the night
Mouth: *shrugs* I'm doing the world a service by preventing the two of you from reproducing.
Trotter: ...o.O reproducing?
Mouth: Chilling thought isn't it?
Trotter: Thorondir's a girl?
Mouth: ...what you thought he was a guy?
Trotter: ........
Thorondir: *looks in* What are you two doing/
TakaCrantz: ?
Mouth: Discussing how you are going to kill me.
Thorondir: Sure.
Trotter: Also, you're a girl
Mouth: Right so I'll leave you two alone to enjoy yourselves.
Thorondir: Girl?
Mouth: What?
Thorondir: Why'd he just say I was a girl?
Mouth: Ask him.
Trotter: Ask him about boils too
Thorondir: ...*blocks the doorway* boils?
Mouth: Right. Sleep with anyone and you and that person will develop a bad case of boils.
Thorondir: ...MOUTH >.<
Mouth: Since rethium burns don't deter you this should be a cakewalk.
Thorondir: *kick*
Mouth: *wince* I expected that. Go ahead and maul me. I understand.
Thorondir: *kicks again* Let Trotter down.
Mouth: Not until I'm out of the room. I don't intend to take another 2 month break from being alive.
Thorondir: Oh, I wouldn't kill you, Mouth
Mouth: Right. Well that nice but Trotter I think might.
Thorondir: Nope. I'd call dibs.
Mouth: Leaving now. I'll release him. Then you to can have 10 minute sex and spend the rest of the evening lancing each others boils.
Thorondir: And then I'm going to castrate you and shove what's left down your throat
Thorondir: Actually I should do that right now ¬.¬
Mouth: You know how you dislike being bound with air?
Thorondir: I think I dislike being threatened with boils even more
Mouth: It's for your own good.
Thorondir: >.< I'll hate you.
Mouth: You already do.
Thorondir: And actually I do right now
Thorondir: I didn't before you did something like this!
Mouth: ...don't know how else to reach you.
Thorondir: being psychotic is not reaching me
Mouth: This is not psychotic. This is keeping you from having sex, Ioreth finding out, and her burning the hell out of you.
Thorondir: >.< Mouth.
Mouth: ...
Mouth: If I had any other option I'd take it.
Thorondir: Just undo whatever it was you did
Mouth: Why should I?
Thorondir: because I'd prefer to have some sense of free-will left around here
Mouth: You still have free will. The only difference is that now you have consequences you respect.
Thorondir: No, this time it applies to two people instead of just me. MOUTH
Mouth: You said the think you wanted most of me was to stick to what I said...
Thorondir: This wasn't what I meant
Mouth: ... I can't keep both your friendship and keep protecting you.
Thorondir: well. Keep the friendship then.
Mouth: Fine. But I'm giving you back to Trotter then.
Thorondir: fine
Mouth: ...there. I've fixed it. Have a good evening. I'll tell Ioreth in the morning.
Thorondir: >.< *grabs*
Mouth: ...what?
Thorondir: *clings* please don't
Mouth: *confused look* Please don't what?
Thorondir: Be so pissy >.<
Mouth: Pissy?
Thorondir: Pissy.
Mouth: I've done everything you've asked in this matter...I'm not going to tell Ioreth about you and Trotter if I can help it. I've given you back to him...really what more do you want?
Trotter: *moves his arm to check if he's still bound* oh, this is better
Mouth: *glance at Trotter* wave that sword around me and I'll skip straight to the boils.
Trotter: *shrugs and wraps his arms around Thorondir's shoulders and rests his chin on his head* Of course.
Mouth: Good night to the both of you. *turns on his heel and leaves*

Thorondir: *pokes Mouth*
Mouth: mn?
Thorondir: Don't want Trotter in charge of me
Mouth: *eyebrow raise* He's done with you so quickly eh? I thought he might have the courtesy to drag it out for at least a half hour. *goes back to reading a book at his table*
Thorondir: I didn't want to.
Mouth: *noncommital sound*
Thorondir: And I don't want him as my guardian
Mouth: He isn't psycho and he doesn't use archane curses on you to keep you in line. He is the natural choice.
Thorondir: ..I don't want him as my guardian. Probably because I'd get sick of the bed after a while
Mouth: >.< Fine. But really Thorondir - what am I going to do with you? You don't seem to care about the delicate position you're in.
Thorondir: *shrug*
Mouth: Well I really wish I could not care too.
Thorondir: *looks miserable*
Mouth: I only want you to survive long enough that you can enjoy your life.
Thorondir: Whereas I know I'm probably not going to live as long as you think I am, so I might as well get as much done as soon as possible
Mouth: You might though...
Thorondir: I probably won't. I'll end up getting burnt to death by a Galmod one day and no one will care enough to bring me back
Mouth: ... *walks over to Thorondir and hugs him*
Thorondir: So I'd rather be protected from Galmods and not Trotters, if you're wondering about what I want from a guardian...*nuzzles*
Mouth: I'll do my best.
Thorondir: Thank you
Mouth: *nods and ruffles Thorondir's hair*
Thorondir: by the way, I was serious about castrating you
Mouth: Well then you should probably go sleep with Trotter tonight shouldnt' you?
Thorondir: Don't feel like it
Mouth: And I don't particularly feel like being castrated.
Thorondir: Just a warning if you EVER curse me again
Mouth: Right - will remember to include an anti-castration clause next time.
Thorondir: *nods* good. *kisses and goes to find his nightshirt*
Mouth: *quick glance at Thorondir and then crawls into bed.
Thorondir: *picks up a bloodier history book to read this time*
Mouth: ...the good thing about this month ending is that I can stop sleeping in my clothes.
Thorondir: You usually sleep naked?
Mouth: *nods* My own room. Noone to offend.
Thorondir: You can do that if you want. *opens the book*
Mouth: Oh good becuase I was just waiting for permission.
Thorondir: Really? Glad to oblige
Mouth: Heh. *rolls over*
Thorondir: *tugs up Mouth's shirt*
Mouth: o.o Hey! I was just joking...
Thorondir: Just trying to make you comfortable :D
Mouth: Well thank you but I am quite comfortable enough.
Thorondir: Why'd you call me a girl?
Mouth: Trotter called you a girl.
Thorondir: He made it sound like you did
Mouth: I never stated that you were. Was being snappish.
Thorondir: *frowns*
Mouth: Listen I know you're a guy and I get the same jokes so I wasn't being serious and I'm sorry if I've offended.
Thorondir: *rests on Mouth*
Mouth: *wraps an arm around Thorondir's chest and holds*
Thorondir: you know, you could if you wanted to
Mouth: Right and no doubt you'd join me?
Thorondir: Heavens no
Mouth: *eyebrow raise*
Thorondir: what?
Mouth: You'd stay in your nightclothes and not try anything at all?
Thorondir: Didn't I promise not to start anything?
Mouth: *shrugs* Okay then. *pulls off his shirt*
Thorondir: *curls back up on his pillow and reads*
Mouth: ...mmn think I'll leave the pants on. The shirts are most of what's uncomfortable anyways.
Mouth: ...and the iron has cheese on it.
Thorondir: ...wha?
Thorondir: You need to learn how to use the oven
Mouth: I do.
Mouth: What are you reading tonight?
Thorondir: *holds up today's illustrations(
Mouth: Oh.
Mouth: Can't you read something elese?
Thorondir: This is interesting
Thorondir: I want to be an evil overlord when I grow up
Mouth: *looks at Thorondir oddly*
Thorondir: With a big helmet and mace
Mouth: Right. After all this talk of dying young?
Thorondir: If I make it, it's evil overlord all the way. Then you'll run away with me since you seem to go in for that sort of thing
Mouth: *eyedarts* That's really almost a disturbing sort of way.
Mouth: ...but really you don't have to be an evil overlord.
Thorondir: I was joking about doing it for you. I was thinking more razing down the villages of the innocent and then if I still want to bother with you, you can be my concubine :D
Mouth: ...*eyedarts* I would say something like "Eru" but Eru hates me. Do you know how difficult that makes swearing?
Thorondir: You can say my name. I'll be better than Eru
Mouth: Mmn. Thorondir. No...not really any good as a swear word. Not harsh or quick enough.
Thorondir: But impressive
Mouth: Impressive. *blinks and yawns*
Thorondir: *traces a pattern on Mouth's chest*
Mouth: ...right so I meant to argue against a life of evil overlording somewhere back there. Right. It isn't all fun and games. Good minons are hard to get and *shivers*
Thorondir: I need a marker
Mouth: you don't.
Thorondir: I do. It's hard to design your concubine uniform when I've just got my finger to draw with
Mouth: Well I don't have any markers. Just quills and dip pens...they're so much more expressive than ballpoint.
Thorondir: Well. I can draw on you with those
Mouth: ...I don't want a concubine uniform.
Thorondir: Tough. I'm the evil overlord here
Mouth: I have more experience. Maybe I'd end up as the evil overlord.
Thorondir: ...well, I'm not being your concubine if you do
Mouth: *shrugs* May
Thorondir: may?
Mouth: ...maybe you wouldn't have a choice *small smile*
Thorondir: ¬.¬
Mouth: *ruffles his hair* heh. Don't want to be an evil overlord. Too much work and then you always have to be worried about being overthrown...
Thorondir: Good. And no concubine duty for me.
Mouth: *shakes head sleepily* you don't make any sense.
Thorondir: What do you mean?
Mouth: Just yesterday you were telling me something about your rape fantasies and today you have an aversion to concubine duty?
Thorondir: I was being sarcastic last night because you weren't listening to me
Mouth: Oh good.
Thorondir: o.o you wouldn't really
Mouth: Have I done anything to you yet?
Thorondir: ¬.¬
Mouth: Honestly. From someone who is bound and sworn to protect you?
Thorondir: I don't know o.o
Mouth: The answer is no. Don't want to hurt you.
Thorondir: Okay. Your uniform, I think, will have tassles
Mouth: >.< Only if I get to give your outfit a fanned peacock plume tail.
Thorondir: You don't get to choose the overlord's outfit
Mouth: I could bribe the tailor.
Thorondir: Maybe I'll make you a scullery maid instead
Mouth: I've always wanted to be a scullery maid.
Thorondir: ¬.¬
Thorondir: *pinch*
Mouth: ... *pinches back*
Thorondir: *bites Mouth on the shoulder*
Mouth: *tries to pry Thorondir off* I have enough scars thank you.
Thorondir: *wriggles and clings*
Mouth: *pulls Thorondir close* Not letting you go.
Thorondir: Obviously. *nuzzles*
Mouth:'re suppose to try to get away thought...
Thorondir: Why? I like it here
Mouth: *sigh* Fine.
Mouth: *start to doze off*
Thorondir: *kisses*
Mouth: *blinks* ... *nuzzles and tries to go to sleep*
Thorondir: *curls up and falls asleep*
Thorondir: *twitches*
Mouth: *sleepily* mm?
Thorondir: *mutters*
Mouth: *closes eyes* Go to sleep Thorondir.
Thorondir: mmph. trotter *nuzzles closer, still asleep*
Mouth: ... *pokes at Thorondir*
Thorondir: wha?
Mouth: It sounded like you were having a bad dream
Thorondir: o.o *red* not bad. um. *cling*
Mouth: *pets* Hush. You don't have to say.
Mouth: Go back to sleep.
Thorondir: it wasn't a bad dream!
Mouth: *eyebrow raise* ...oh?
Thorondir: it wasn't
Mouth: Okay I believe you.
Thorondir: and it's a good reminder of what I could have been doing tonight if I hadn't had to get you back into your right job.
Mouth: >.< You really don't have to share Thorondir.
Thorondir: 's what you get for trying to comfort me for my 'nightmare'
Mouth: ...well moaning Trotter's name while nuzzing against me should be enough to get you kicked out of my bed all together. >.<
Thorondir: Sorry. I'll try to say yours next time
Mouth: Thank you. No go to sleep.
Mouth Depp: now
Thorondir: mmm Mouth
Mouth: mmmMMMmmnn Thorondir - go to sleep.
Thorondir: Just getting into practice :D
Mouth: >.<
Thorondir: *nuzzles closer to Mouth and whispers in his ear* mm. Mouth.
Mouth: *bites lip* ... Sleep you evil little imp.
Thorondir: 's a good solution to keeping me out of Trotter's bed
Mouth: Not when I'm four days aways from going back to Ioreth.
Thorondir: Ah yes
Mouth: *small grin* *nuzzles closer to Thorondir and whispers in his ear* Mmmn. Ioreth.
Thorondir: hmph. Yesss Trotter. just like that. :D
Mouth: Bah. >.<
Thorondir: what does 'being debauched' mean?
Mouth: to be corrupted morally or lead away from virtue.
Thorondir: *nods* I was wondering what he meant. *yawns*
Mouth: What did Trotter tell you
Thorondir: mm? *adjusts pillow*
Mouth: What did he say about "being debauched"
Thorondir: is it important?
Mouth: Depends on how easily you'd like to continue sleeping for the rest of the night.
Thorondir: you're getting really paranoid, you know that?
Mouth: It's part of my trademark...just tell me.
Thorondir: He was just making an observation
Mouth: On who?
Thorondir: you think it's a slight against you, don't you
Mouth: I don't know - you haven't told me.
Thorondir: You're the one who said you didn't want me sharing
Mouth: Fine don't share then. *closes eyes*
Thorondir: Besides. It's a bit of a visual
Mouth: Bloody hell. Either tell me or shut up about it.
Thorondir: *grins*
Mouth: fine. What? Tell me.
Thorondir: It was just something he said looked like was happening to like, the last time you had one of these what is trotter up to moments
Mouth: ...what did he say?
Thorondir: I think I misphrased that sentence. He said that's what it looked like right before I went to bed and had to put up with you demanding to know what I was doing. I think that was his way of saying: "Night. That was fun"
Mouth: ah.
Thorondir: What did you think was meant?
Mouth: Had no idea.
Thorondir: hmmph. I was worried debauched meant messy hair and out of place clothing. or, badly groomed. *nuzzles*
Mouth: Mn well I haven't debauched you.
Thorondir: not yet
Mouth: *eyedarts* would be crazy to do it only four days before I intend to make up with Ioreth... especially after saying no for an entire month.
Thorondir: So?
Mouth: So only four days while making the rest of the month a waste.
Thorondir: The warm glow of success?
Mouth: Only for you.
Thorondir: I'm very self-absorbed
Mouth: you are but pardon me for not being one of your "successes"
Thorondir: Yes. Me and my notches on the bedposts
Mouth: Does Trotter and Trotter in Erendis' body count as one or two?
Thorondir: I try not to think about that
Mouth: It would've been horrifying if it wasn't so amusing ...maybe.
Mouth: ...something about it seemed funny at the time.
Thorondir: *shrugs*
Mouth: *plays with Thorondir's hair*
Thorondir: give debauching me a go?
Mouth: And be like Trotter. No.
Thorondir: *sighs*
Mouth: Would've have anything to lord over him...except for maybe the wanting to marry a girl with the mental capacity of a 14 year old.
Thorondir: Ah, Aragorn
Mouth: mumhum... *shifts and rubs his back*
Mouth: This really won't keep you from sex will it?
Thorondir: no
Mouth: Not even a little?
Thorondir: Nope
Mouth: It's also conterproductive isn't it?
Thorondir: you'll be happier if you do
Mouth: And in four days - what then?
Thorondir: Then I guess I get used to Trotter.
Thorondir: really :D no schemes
Mouth: ...would you be mad at me?
Thorondir: For which part?
Mouth: Going back to Ioreth?
Thorondir: :D really
Mouth: *closes eyes and kisses Thorondir*
Thorondir: yay
Mouth: *yawns* Eru it's late.
Thorondir: you are not allowed to sleep o.o
Mouth: *curls up around Thorondir an dozes off*
Thorondir: bah. *sleeps*

So there's my past few days. I vaguely recall a time when I was very insulting to this sort of behaviour ¬.¬ bloody bloody hormones.

For the record? I give up. He starts, he stops, he goes on about how he should be shot so I'm just going to start bringing really thick books to bed instead. Not just to smack him over the head with.

That is all.

ooc: Come back tomorrow for the EPIC CONCLUSION which will take less than eighteen pages we promise :D :D :D really.
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