Thorondir (iorethscreation) wrote,

So. Mouth's willing to get me far far away.

It's kind of sweet...something, anyway, except for the part that he doesn't want to know where I'm going next. At which point that whole "he just wants rid of me" thing comes back up like a fucker.

Mouth also doesn't seem to get, during mid-lecture about how I should be treated after seeing my ribs, that if anyone except Ioreth or Grima were doing anything I didn't like I'd have no problem making their lives hell. Take Mouth's existence for the past month.

A few Trotter-related bruises do not make me poor wee abused Thorondir. However, I think next time I'm going to kick him. Or nothing, since Mouth seems to get really huffy for some reason. So. Erm.


He's angsting about Ioreth right now. Thought it would be best if I went and confessed to her. Then I realized I was being as fucking stupid as Mouth. Dismissed idea.

Changed mind.

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