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Um. Lab update.

Grima's suddenly decided he Cares about mine and Gwathren's well-being which mostly seems to involve a lot of yelling at Mouth and calling him a pedophile which leads to Mouth acting incredibly weird around me and randomly declaring that I must be sent off to school which we all know will end in everyone dead and me hiding under a desk waiting for the authorities to show up so I can finish what's left of my ammunition.

...if I didn't have these damn controls in my head. I miss hurting things. I miss the impression of being able to defend myself and Mouth's pained yelps.

Actually I mostly miss that last part. Currently I am experimenting with causing him passive pain via Erendis and Quorin. Namuras is not yielding to my whims. He keeps floating through me and pretending I don't exist.

Avoiding Ioreth. Mouth has told me that falling on a sword or gouging my eyes out with a broach is out of the question and the fact I'm not all Tilion and actually part Gondorian fills me with all sorts of heebie jeebies.

I mean, Gondorian? There is no Eru.



I really really don't want to end up in a school. It sounds vaguely unsanitary.
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