Thorondir (iorethscreation) wrote,

Thorondir</b>: *pounces Mouth*
Mouth: eh?
Thorondir: *purr*
Mouth: o.o ack Off Off!
Thorondir: Why? ;_;
Mouth: *eyedarts* Grima flashbacks... ¬.¬
Thorondir: *bite*
Mouth: ... *flail*
Thorondir: Hisssss
Mouth: *scurries under the bed*
Thorondir: *claims the bed as his sovereign territory*
Mouth: You don't appreciate how very very disturbing this is do you?
Thorondir: hmm?
Mouth: ¬.¬ the Grima impersonation.
Thorondir: Can do more of an impression than that :D
Mouth: o.o not coming back out.
Thorondir: Nice wide bed. I should call Trotter over
Mouth: Right. Like either of you would.
Mouth: wouldn't right?
Thorondir: You certainly aren't keeping me busy. Soo...
Mouth: ...scrambles out... fine.
Thorondir: *grins*
Mouth: Bad Thorondir. No biscuit.
Thorondir: I can still call Trotter
Mouth: Even he wouldn't do it with you on my bed and with me watching.
Thorondir: You sure?
Mouth: ...No but I could be sure of the boils afterwards.
Thorondir: *pouts*
Mouth: *smirk*
Thorondir: I'll just leave you with the mental image then
Thorondir: or...
Thorondir: *gets up and whispers details in Mouth's ear*
Mouth: >.< *pushes Thorondir away*
Thorondir: *smirks and picks up a book to read*
Mouth: *sits down and frowns* Really don't need to know anything more about your relationship with Trotter...know too much already ¬.¬
Thorondir: Mm. *flips a page*
Mouth: *rubs his neck and lies down*
Thorondir: Still not afraaaaid of rethium burns
Mouth: Well I am. I still have my scars.
Thorondir: I was created with one. Used to it from the get-go
Mouth: ...I'm sorry.
Thorondir: Just a random fact.
Mouth: I wish it had been better for you.
Thorondir: yes yes. woe is me
Mouth: *half smile*
Mouth: *tugs him closer* I like you.
Thorondir: My existence has just been justified :D
Mouth: *small laugh* What I thought Trotter justifed you daily.
Thorondir: There's a new term for it
Mouth: Indeed. *plays with Thorondir's hair*
Thorondir: *hums* Now I want to know if he actually would have
Mouth: ...What do you mean?
Thorondir: Trotter. Your bed and you watching. :D
Mouth: ¬.¬ BAD!
Thorondir: whaaat?
Mouth: ...and he wouldn't.
Thorondir: *nuzzles* really?
Mouth: *clenches jaw* Really. Wouldn't DARE.
Thorondir: *kisses Mouth's chin* sure?
Mouth: ¬.¬ *tenses* mmmhum.
Thorondir: *traces a finger on the back of Mouth's neck* Positive?
Mouth: *swallows and blinks* ...why?
Thorondir: *stops touching Mouth and smiles* Just curious
Mouth: ...oh.
Thorondir: *makes a contented noise and lays against Mouth*
Mouth: *hesitates then kisses Thorondir's neck*
Thorondir: mm. *plays with the buttons on Mouth's shirt*
Mouth: ... *kisses and nips at Thorondir's collarbone* Make me not care...
Thorondir: that sort of defeats the purpose.
Mouth: *pulls away and shakes his head, dazed look* No because this is horrible... I'm horrible.
Thorondir: good work. You lasted twenty seconds this time
Mouth: *half growl* This would be so much easier if I didn't give a damn about you.
Thorondir: Then I wouldn't be spending any time here
Mouth Depp: Ahahah not a prob - I'm repeatedly doing worse
Mouth: *miserable look*
Thorondir: *picks up his book and begins reading again*
Mouth: *turns over and curls* One more night.
Thorondir: Until you forget sometime tomorrow
Mouth: Forget what?
Thorondir: How terrible you are. It's getting to be a nightly ritual by now. I'll have a temper tantrum later
Mouth: Well you could just go back to your room or Trotter. I'm not forcing you to stay here.
Thorondir: *kisses*
Mouth: ... *kisses back*
Thorondir: Back to Trotter?
Mouth: ...he lasts longer than 20 seconds.
Thorondir: Definitely
Mouth: *shrugs* Well then.
Thorondir: However, I've already been patted on the head and sent off for the day
Mouth: I see.
Thorondir: *turns a page*
Mouth: ...what are you reading?
Thorondir: History book. More stuff on you
Mouth: Mn. "The tree falls on the fucking reeds..."
Thorondir: One of my better lines
Mouth: *eyebrow raise* "Bitchqueen lackey"?
Thorondir: Another one :D
Mouth: And your saying that you'd rather boil yourself alive rather than sleep with multiple people?
Mouth: ...could go heat a pot? *innocent smile*
Thorondir: ...*reaches down and gropes*
Mouth: *straight face* I'll take that as a yes.
Thorondir: *plays with the band of Mouth's pants* *tugs*
Mouth: o.O
Thorondir: Sorry. Want to try that grope again without all this in the way
Mouth: *snatches Thorondir's hand* I'd prefer you didn't.
Thorondir: Keeps you distracted from going on about boiling me
Mouth: Right. Because I'm just so eager to give you an excruciatingly painful death.
Thorondir: Who knows with you?
Mouth: That's unfair. ...*leans in close and whispers* I'll have to kill you now.
Thorondir: O.O
Mouth: *laughs* Just kidding. ...Really... Stop looking at me like that.
Thorondir: *tugs blanket over his head and peers out at Mouth*
Mouth: I promised I wouldn't kill you and I haven't. I promised I wouldn't use air to bind you and I haven't. I'm good with promises...fickle with everything else maybe but good with promises.
Thorondir: meh I say. meh
Mouth: Er. *tugs up pants a bit* Come here. *pulls Thorondir closer* I've told you repeatedly that I won't hurt you...You're safe.
Thorondir: Most of you seem intent on protecting me from something. Unless it's Erendis.
Mouth: ...that's because Erendis is evil incarnate.
Thorondir: And because I do little things like let her husband do what he pleases with me. And encourage Trotter to do terrible things with her body
Mouth: ...could you ever keep Grima from doing what he pleases? Really?
Thorondir: There's always the option of just yelling. Someone would probably hear me. Or the fact he probably wouldn't have if I'd tried to shove him off. *yawns*
Mouth: Right. *wraps an arm around Thorondir's chest and dozes*
Thorondir: *wriggles out of Mouth's grasp and carefully puts away his book before heading to the door*
Mouth: *blinks* What did I do wrong?
Thorondir: hmm?
Mouth:'re leaving?
Thorondir: Yes?
Mouth: You're free to go but why?
Thorondir: *shrug*
Mouth: I see. Go ahead.
Thorondir: Besides, it was only one more night anyway
Mouth: *doesn't look at Thorondir* It was.
Thorondir: That and the starting and stopping thing is really annoying
Mouth: You're right.
Thorondir: And not really fair
Mouth: ... *quick glance up* I'm sorry. I really am.
Thorondir: Probably
Mouth: *presses lips together* Come here.
Thorondir: *blinks and does so* What?
Mouth: If you still want to, I'll try to make it up to you...
Thorondir: How?
Mouth: *pulls Thorondir closer and fiddles with the hem of his shirt* How you've asked me to. And then you can go if you still want to...
Thorondir: *nods* kay. yes.
Mouth: *kisses him* Good. I only ask that since this is my apology you allow me to do it properly okay? I won't hurt you.
Thorondir: properly?
Mouth: ... *kisses him again* you'll see.

Okay, so that was last night. Also, issues. I wasn't allowed to do anything. He called it an 'apology'. Oy.

TODAY Ioreth came around and asked if I was keeping up with my lessons with Mouth, we all had a nice pleasant chat then she wrote "Child" on my hand with rethium. >.< fucking bitch. At least it wasn't my face.

Then Mouth gave me a panicky lesson and going on about responsibility and what's a good idea and what's a bad idea then I decided to hide on his bed under a blanket while he panicked and thought I was having a breakdown or something thenwehadsexagain and now I've found a camera so I'm taking all sorts of embarassing pictures of him that I'll post later.

hmm. Gwathren doesn't hate me anymore and I think I should find Trotter at some point and avoid Grima at all costs and and I'm tired I'm going back to bed now bye.
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