Thorondir (iorethscreation) wrote,

Thorondir: *makes a fort in Mouth's bed*
Mouth: *walks in and smiles* Good evening Thorondir. Was wondering when I'd see you again.
Thorondir: mmhmm. *begins constructing a flag out of one of Mouth's shirts*
Mouth: So you're holding my bed captive this evening then?
Thorondir: Yes. Just read the Ethring Family Eorobinsson. *nods* I've been inspired
Mouth: Have you then? Never read that one...
Thorondir: *nods* One of the books I grabbed from Bree and didn't get a chance to read. I'll need sharks
Mouth: *sits down carefully on the edge of the bed* oh really - it's a shame I ran out of sharks last week.
Thorondir: *ducks under a blanket*
Mouth: Can't help but admire your of my better shirts...
Thorondir: Are you a pirate?
Mouth: Not today.
Mouth: What should I be?
Thorondir: You can be my loving devoted wife :D
Mouth: *eyebrow raise* Okaaay. Pirate it is.
Thorondir: Okay. Then I get to shoot you
Mouth: A disconcerting thought considering your aim...mmn. I think I'll stay myself or a rescue sailor.
Thorondir: ¬.¬ that's boring
Mouth: Not any worse than being your loving devoted wife. ¬.¬
Thorondir: *pout*
Mouth: Mhn. *ruffles Thorondir's hair* So do you want anything to drink?
Thorondir: feeed me
Mouth: Okay spagetti, mashed potatoes, pancakes or grilled cheese?
Thorondir: Grilled cheese, serving wench
Mouth: *rolls eyes* Very well little master...
Thorondir: little?
Mouth: Ah and the young sir giving me lip? Ah my blessed heart!
Thorondir: You're the butler from hell, aren't you
Mouth: ...from Morder but close enough.
Thorondir: hmph
Mouth: *winks and gets onto making the grilled cheese*
Thorondir: *hums and dismantles his fort*
Mouth: Here we are. Grilled cheese sandwitches right off the iron.
Thorondir: *eats* You're the reason all my clothes are wrinkly now. Don't want chedder shirts. o.o
Mouth: Should be fine... cleaned the iron properly. Nothing to fear.
Mouth: *pours some orange juice and passes it to Thorondir*
Thorondir: *sips* soo. if I try to seduce you tonight, what'll you do?
Mouth: Lecture you on the physics of air pressure...very boring.
Thorondir: drat
Mouth: Why? Trotter not being cooperative?
Thorondir: No comments about Trotter
Mouth: Okay...but you're okay...right?
Thorondir: o.o eh?
Mouth: ...sorry - just paranoia kicking in. As long as you're alright...
Thorondir: Why're you paranoid? *takes another sip*
Mouth: In general or reguarding you?
Thorondir: Regarding me
Mouth: You seem to find you way into more than your share of unplesant places and *shrugs* good reason.
Thorondir: These unpleasant places are usually you and Ioreth, though. *rests his chin on his knee* What's the good reason?
Mouth: ...I'm one of your unpleasant places?
Thorondir: yes?
Mouth: Ah. Well I apologise for that then.
Thorondir: *nods* You've done that a lot already. What's the good reason?
Mouth: Cause I fond of you. Which for me usually ends up in overprotectiveness and occasional paranoia. *winks*
Thorondir: Trotter hasn't ever done anything to me beyond a couple insults. He's a 'good guy' or whatever it is Aragorn was. *sips quietly*
Mouth: Right...well I'll try to remember that.
Thorondir: *nods*
Mouth: you want any more? I'm not really hungry tonight.
Thorondir: Sure. :D *makes himself comfortable on the bed*
Mouth: *eyebrow raise and brings him another grilled cheese sandwich*
Thorondir: *nibbles* Why not hungry?
Mouth: Must keep my girlish figure. *wry grin*
Thorondir: o.O
Mouth: Just kidding. Honestly.
Thorondir: *eats sandwich and eyes Mouth*
Mouth: What? I just don't feel like eating.
Thorondir: you poisoned the cheese, didn't you
Mouth: No I did not. *takes a bite off the end of one of the sandwiches* See.
Mouth: And really it would be conterproductive if I'm intent on keeping you alive and well.
Thorondir: *makes choking noises and falls over*
Mouth: o.o You know if you're faking it I'm going to have to stick my fingers down your throat and I don't need to give to mouth to mouth recessitation to fix you.
Thorondir: *looks dead*
Mouth: *sigh* pity. I guess this means I must tickle him back to life. ...*pounce tickles*
Thorondir: *doesn't react*
Mouth: Thorondir?
Mouth: Fuck. *opens his mouth and sticks in his fingers to make sure his air passages aren't blocked*
Thorondir: O.O *gags* *kick*
Mouth: You bettter be well near dying I swear or I will be so pissed... >.<
Mouth: *glares* Told you I'd do it.
Thorondir: *chokes* *glares at Mouth and scurries out of reach*
Mouth: ...but you are okay right?
Thorondir: ¬.¬
Mouth: *evil little monkey* Come here.
Thorondir: Why?
Thorondir: Are you going to shove things in my mouth again? o.o
Mouth: No. Come here.
Thorondir: ..*comes*
Mouth: *holds* Don't do that again okay?
Thorondir: didn't mean to o.o
Mouth: You weren't faking then?
Thorondir: ¬.¬ NO.
Mouth: o.o *pulls closer and holds*
Thorondir: ioreth was doing some stuff to me earlier. 's probably that
Mouth: Stuff to you?
Thorondir: You know. Being a lab rat and all that
Mouth: *kisses his forehead and cuddles*
Thorondir: Don't shove your hand in my mouth. That was gross. mmph.
Mouth: I thought you were choking on grilled cheese. It's the first step to fix someone who's choaking.
Thorondir: Already swallowed. *harumphs again and plays with Mouth's fingers*
Mouth: Ah. Well I didn't know...would've just helped you breathe then.
Thorondir: meh. *stretches*
Mouth: Do you know what she did to you?
Mouth: *plays with his hair*
Thorondir: Just injected me with stuff. *purrs*
Mouth: *pets and kisses the nape of his neck* Okay. If it gets bad come and see me...
Thorondir: What'll you do? Kiss it better?
Mouth: Right. Nevermind then.
Thorondir: ...thanks anyway.
Mouth: Mmhum.
Thorondir: *curls up against Mouth*
Mouth: *keeps playing with Thorondir's hair*
Thorondir: being sixteen isn't that much different from fifteen o.O
Mouth: It isn't. One day won't really change you noticably...but an entire year will.
Thorondir: Oh. Well. I haven't changed. *crosses his arms*
Mouth: You have.
Thorondir: have not
Mouth: You're not emerging from your room for the sole purpose of tripping me any more.
Thorondir: ...I can start again
Mouth: *shrugs*
Thorondir: mmph. so I stopped tripping you.
Mouth: *kisses his neck* you stopped tripping me.
Mouth: what if I told you I'd have sex with you if you wore a dress?
Thorondir: I would spray you with mace
Mouth: *winks* Okay then.
Thorondir: ¬.¬ not girly
Mouth: Next year maybe.
Thorondir: You go crazy when you get older? o.o
Mouth: No...more accepting maybe.
Thorondir: of older men demanding you wear dresses for sex? o.O
Mouth: I was just seeing if your views had changed on that. I remember you poking at me mercilessly for having done it myself...
Thorondir: And I still will
Mouth: *snerks* Now I have such an itching for women's lingere.
Thorondir: ...o.o
Thorondir: *gets off Mouth*
Mouth: Ahahahaha. Eru. Should've thought to use that to run you off last month when I kept trying to get you to go back to your own bed...
Thorondir: Trotter didn't wear womens clothes ¬.¬
Mouth: *shrugs* good for him.
Thorondir: hmph. *curls up on the other end of the bed*
Mouth: meh. I really don't wear women's clothes of my own accord need to worry - I won't damage your fragile little psyche.
Thorondir: 's bad enough your mun was going on about me needing a training bra. o.o
Mouth: So that's what's at the heart of this? Bah my mun's on crack.
Thorondir: no feminizing *nods*
Mouth: Fine. *nuzzles*
Thorondir: good. mmph. *looks at Mouth consideringly*
Mouth: What?
Thorondir: *kisses*
Mouth: *kisses back* ...and now on with a lesson in air pressure...
Thorondir: o.o nooo
Mouth: *crawls back on the bed a bit* Mmn okay.
Thorondir: Sides, *curls back up on Mouth* you were doing that thing where you kept kissing my neck all the time first
Mouth: *distracted look* ...just worried about you was all..
Thorondir: kissing my neck is a sign of concern? Numenoreans are weird
Mouth: ...sometimes...
Thorondir: mmhmm. *nuzzles*
Mouth: ...and your neck was just so close and *eyedarts*
Thorondir: *kisses*
Mouth: *starts to kiss back* ...didn't you promise Ioreth something?
Thorondir: ...maybe
Mouth: ...*swallows*
Thorondir: having fun with her? *reaches up and undos the band keeping his hair up*
Mouth: Yes.
Thorondir: oh good
Mouth: ...but you don't replace each other. >.< I knew it would be like this.
Thorondir: like what? *kisses again*
Mouth: ...I told you before and you said it wasn't fair...but the only person it's not fair to is me...
Thorondir: *frowns*
Mouth: ...I don't want to choose between you - and if I continue this way I will...
Thorondir: I thought you chose the one of us who you were allowed to. *sits up*
Mouth: ...I did. This should be goodnight Thorondir.
Thorondir: *looks crestfallen*
Mouth: *gathers him up and hugs him* ...still love you though...
Thorondir: that's cause I bullied you into it. *clings*
Mouth: No. That's because I've chosen to... You never could have forced me to love you.
Thorondir: Sure I could. Just hang around and look pretty long enough. *nods* 's what I did
Mouth: That's not why. And it's not really when I started anways...
Thorondir: *raises eyebrows*
Mouth: *eyedarts* a thousand times goodnight my little juliet...
Thorondir: ...*pinch*
Mouth: *laughs and pushes back the hair in Thorondir's face*
Thorondir: Juliet?
Mouth: Ever read Romeo and Juliet?
Thorondir: ...nope. *shakes his hair back into place and curls up on Mouth*
Mlleducky: ((Eoromeo and Juliewyn?))
TakaCrantz: ((Juliemir *nods solemnly))
Mouth: Tragic love story...probably would bore you...
Thorondir: when did you start? ¬.¬
Mouth:'s really not important.
Thorondir: *grumbles*
Mouth: ...fine when you gave me alcohol to help with the rethium burns and a few moments to compose myself. I don't forget kindnesses however small.
Thorondir: Oh. And then you tried to pay that back with killing me. You're fascinating. *kisses*
Mouth: ...that death could've saved your life you know... *kisses back*
Thorondir: still scared me
Mouth: I didn't mean to... *clings*
Thorondir: mmm. kay
Mouth: *rests his head on Thorondir's shoulder and wraps an arm around Thorondir's chest*
Mouth: ...I have a question that I'm not sure I want the answer to...
Thorondir: mm. ask anyway
Mouth: Do you love me...if only just a little? ...You don't have to reply.
Mouth: *eyedarts* blame it on tired curiousity.
Thorondir: ...don't know
Mouth: *pets and doesn't say anything*
Thorondir: *shrugs*
Mouth: ...probably not then...but that's still okay...
Thorondir: it would help if I had a comparison thing to use o.o
Mouth: it's not an important question... I'm sorry I asked...
Thorondir: did I give the wrong answer? *worried look*
Mouth: No. *kisses* You were honest and that's always the best answer. That's all I wanted.
Thorondir: kay
Mouth: You should go to bed now though...
Thorondir: What's wrong with here?
Mouth: Our agreement? I'd come visit you.
Thorondir: Did I actually agree?
Mouth: mmmn.. fine stay here. If only because I know that Ioreth isn't watching...
Thorondir: *lays down beside Mouth and tugs the blanket over his head*
Mouth: What?
Thorondir: 's a cave?
Mouth: well here - give me a part of the cave - I'm cold.
Thorondir: *wraps around Mouth*
Mouth: mmmmm....thankyou.
Thorondir: *nods* *closes his eyes*
Mouth: *starts nodding off*
Thorondir: ...a dress indeed
Mouth: considering it are you?
Thorondir: ...never. o.o
Mouth: *chuckle* Not so bad once you get it in your head that wearing one doesn't change or necessarily express who you are...
Thorondir: ¬.¬ you're just trying to corrupt me
Mouth: No. But I could try. ;-)
Thorondir: o.o not allowed
Mouth: You've been doing an awful lot of unauthorized corruping yourself young man.
Thorondir: says who? *flips hair* I've been a model of teenage virtue. *nods*
Mouth: Right. *gets out of bed, rummages through closet* Ah here it is. *changes into a negligee, gets back in bed*
Thorondir: ......
Mouth: *grins and kisses Thorondir on the cheek*
Thorondir: *eyes Mouth*
Mouth: Yeessss?
Thorondir: ..*pokes at the negligee*
Mouth: You act as if it's going to bite you. Honestly.
Thorondir: >.<
Mouth: *pulls Thorondir closer and kisses him again*
Thorondir: o.o *pushes Mouth back a bit*
Mouth: *smiles and rolls over* Goodnight then.
Thorondir: ...¬.¬ oh. I get it now
Mouth: Get what?
Thorondir: Your evil plan
Mouth: Evil? *innocent wide eyed look*
Thorondir: yes. Evil. And disturbing
Mouth: Well explain it to me then.
Thorondir: *tugs on Mouth's outfit* this
Mouth: Right.
Thorondir: *nods*
Mouth: have to either admit that you change or abstain. Either way I win.
Thorondir: it's fairly flimsy. I bet I could tear it off
Mouth: Yes but you'd have to touch it.
Thorondir: *yanks* it isn't toxic. just weird
Mouth: Agreed. although rather comfortable for all it's weirdness.
Thorondir: ¬.¬;
Mouth: *plays with the buttons on Thorondir's shirt*
Thorondir: grrr
Thorondir: *swats Mouth* You worry me. *turns around and pulls the blanket up*
Mouth: *waits til he thinks Thorondir is asleep and gets rid of the negligee*
Thorondir: zzz
Mouth: *dozes off*

o.o then the pink elephants showed up.

tugs blanket over his head
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