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ooc: Me and Ariel finished a storyline. I decided to post it, for once instead of leaving it on my computer like the other eighteen. Some will be posted in here but the remaining ones will be placed in Grima's journal, for relevant characters.

Ps: The pills Erendis talks about are the result of a nightmare curse from Eight I can't remember if we posted or not

Mouth: *busy with laundry*
Grima: *dumps a new pile beside him*
Mouth: thank you. is it sorted?
Grima: yeah. My clothes here, Trotter's under and Ioreth's is the white stuff.
Mouth: >.> right well you know it all goes in the wash by color am not doing 9 different washes just because all of you are squeemish about the occasional stray bits of clothing.
Grima: bad cinderella! We'll have to get number 2 to do it then
Mouth: *blank stare*
Grima: What?
Mouth: What are you talking about?
Grima: Didn't you see the other yous?
Mouth:'re just joking right. >.> I didn't think...there are other mes?
Grima: well, you're the third one I think
Mouth: o.o No. I'm the original.
Grima: Nope. Pretty sure the original is locked in a closet screaming
Mouth: *edges away*
Grima: It's doing laundry.
Mouth: *enthuastically works to prove himself useful*
Grima: See? We can kill it after
Mouth: o.o *work work work*
Erendis: No excuse for that one bad copy to feel me up. They all must die for that.
Grima: It probably thought you were Thorondir. *pats* >.>
Mouth: *tries to project halo*
Erendis: It *leered* at me. You'd just wait until it tries to do that to you.
Grima: It has done more than that to me. >.>
Erendis: *eyes narrow* Then they must be exterminated... there are still some spider hobbits left...
Grima: leave some servants alive. I'm enjoying the lack of chores.
Erendis: ....for now maybe... *eyedarts again and hovers around Grima*
Grima: *kisses*
Mouth: *averts eyes*
Erendis: *kisses back*
Grima: see? You're much better than a strange little clone
Erendis: ...what exactly did that clone do to you?
Grima: Nothing. I meant Mouth himself.
Mouth: ...he wouldn't talk. >.>
Erendis: *blank look* Your social skills are beyond lamentable
Grima: *examines roof*
Mouth: Yes the are. I'm an inferior being and I'm sorry to trouble you with my existance.... >.> whoa where did that come from?
Erendis: So you weren't being sincere?
Mouth: Completely, my only wish is to serve and facilitate my betters...
Grima: They do work. joy
Erendis: >.> Yes. But creepy.
Grima: order it to do something.
Mouth: o.o
Erendis: *eyes* Tell me your worst childhood fear.
Mouth: *blushes* Mirrors in the dark.
Erendis: *eyebrow raise*
Mouth: You never really knew what was on the other side of them or if you could come through....
Grima: there never was hope for him. *pats his pockets for a cigarette* as;kal;s where did they go...
Erendis: fair enough. This one can live but I'm going to cut the hands off that one that groped and leared at me.
Grima: fair enough...*searching*
Erendis: *leaves*
Mouth: *works quietly*
Grima: okay, eating Thorondir.
Mouth: *bites his lip but doesn't say anything*
Grima: last time he steals my addictive substances. >.>
Mouth: ... >.<
Grima: want to say something, clone?
Mouth: Don't hurt him permenantly.
Grima: I am in the throes of a nicotine fit. Who knows what I may do, mon.
Mouth: Punish me?
Grima: *snorts and goes to find Thorondir*
Mouth: *slumps and finishes off the wash*
Grima: *wanders past later, looking pleased and smoking*
Mouth: How did it go?
Grima: *wipes his hand clean* went fine, mon.
Mouth: Is he still alive?
Grima: *smirks and leaves*
Mouth: *goes to find Thorondir*
Thorondir: *hiding in the closet* o.o
Mouth: Thorondir?
Thorondir: fssst
Mouth: It's me.... Mouth.
Thorondir: which one?
Mouth: there are more than one of me?
Thorondir: *peeks out and nods*
Mouth: *frustrated look* Grima said I was number three then...
Thorondir: *darts back into the closet*
Mouth: Listen...I expect you only want the original to visit you but I don't see any other of me around and I'll still try to help you... if you want.
Thorondir: I just need something stiff.
Mouth 2: *wide grin* Alread ahead of you... *brings in a few bottles of voka and has had some already*
Mouth: *stares*
Thorondir: not allowed to drink. o.o
Mouth 2: So which one are you sweet thing? Three or Four?
Mouth: *edges back* I could be the original...
Thorondir: sweet thing?
Mouth 2: Not likely. You're not in a closet washing youself with brillo...
Mouth: Maybe you should go back to...our room. >.>
Mouth 2: Forward little tart aren't you?
Mouth: >.< What is your problem?
Thorondir: he's weird. *peeks out from the closet*
Mouth 2: Here you need more alcohol you be discussing my...our...problems... and still it's more polite to introduce first - more in the way of what's your sign and favorite way to..
Mouth: o.o *warding signs*
Thorondir: *sticks out a hand and tries to tug Mouth into the closet*
Mouth: *eeps and practically leaps in*
Mouth 2: Of course I *KNOW* all that sweets so we could just cut to the chase...
Mouth: *panicked look* unclean. so unclean.
Thorondir: *wraps arm around Mouth*
Mouth: *clings*
Thorondir: still need something stiff.
Mouth 2: *flops against the door* Of course maybe you're not the toots us. No offense but you know it's so difficult to tell... Six was squeaking something about four being a girl.
Thorondir: What's a toots?
Mouth 2: Girl - breasts n' all
Mouth: Eru. Tell me this isn't happening
Mouth 2: Not that I'm BIASED at all...pretty damned good looking lot we are if I do say so myself.
Thorondir: I really need like...a stick or something.
Mouth: Would a hanger do?
Thorondir: *holds up the hidden arm* my hand's kind of broken. is a hanger good enough for a splint? >.>
Mouth: Damn. o.o Need to get you to Ioreth.
Thorondir: sure, toots.
Mouth 2: *hums* You know if you want out ya gotta let me in.
Mouth: do not call me toots.
Thorondir: I like the name toots.
Mouth: *grumbles and lets two in*
Thorondir: *flinches back and tries to keep his hand from touching anything*
Mouth 2: *hands Thorondir the bottle solemnly while feeling Mouth3 up*
Thorondir: *looks at it in confusion*
Mouth 2: Drink it. 's what you do with the stuff
Mouth: *tries to edge away*
Thorondir: not allowed.
Mouth 2: Drink it boy and thank me
Thorondir: *shakes his head*
Mouth 2: *tilts his head* for your hand. could feed it to you baby style
Thorondir: nooo
Mouth: *plucks the other Mouth's hand off himself for the 4th time* We are going now.
Thorondir: yay
Mouth: *tries to tug Thorondir past while not hurting him* Not now.
Thorondir: *offers Two his drink back*
Mouth 2: *takes it back* Later then. I'll see you tonight. *winks at Mouth*
Mouth: *shuffles quicker*
Thorondir: >.> hurry up, toots
Mouth: I'm not female... >.<
Thorondir: *pats his bottom and darts ahead*
Mouth: ...if you weren't already hurt...
Thorondir: love you.
Mouth: *harumps.*
Thorondir: *pecks on the cheek*
Mouth: *pets and steers toward the lab*
Thorondir: Stupid Grima.
Mouth: Don't steal his cigarettes
Thorondir: *eyedart* need my own then?
Mouth: Stop smoking
Thorondir: don't wanna.
Mouth: Let's talk about this later and get your hand fixed now.
Thorondir: okay, toots.

My new name for Mouth is Toots >.> it covers growing insecurities. etc.

Mouth: *attacks giant spider with a rolled up newspaper*
Mouth: Die spider die. o.o
Spider: *huge and wraps around the paper*
Mouth: *screams like a little girl*
Spider: *lets go of the paper and races up Mouth's arm*
Mouth: *runs in circles screaming and trying to beat it off*
Spider: *whispers sweet nothings in Mouth's ear*
Mouth: O.O *faints*
Spider: *slips off and goes back to its home*
Thorondir: *waits until Mouth wakes up and pokes him* sign my cast!
Mouth: o.o Spiders. Everywhere. *signs*
Thorondir: *admires*
Mouth: ...are you getting all the mes to sign. *peers at the cast*
Thorondir: yes.
Mouth: *eyes it* How many so far?
Thorondir: six. but I may have hit the same one twice
Mouth: ...I take it the limmerick was courtesy of two?
Thorondir: I can't read it from this angle. >.>
Mouth: *pats* And I'm not sure you want to. Still drunk?
Thorondir: 'm completely sober. *rearranges Mouth and curls up in his lap*
Mouth: Two... *eyes narrow* you didn't take any of his alcohol did you?
Thorondir: 'm not alllllowed. *nuzzle*
Mouth: *pets* Good then. *eyedarts*
Mouth: Is the original still in the closet?
Thorondir: yes. *giggles and plays with Mouth's hair*
Mouth: *eyedarts for Grimaish shadows and then kisses Thorondir*.
Thorondir: you aren't allowed. *mock-disproval* *shakes finger*
Mouth: ...I know.
Thorondir: *wiggles a bit and kisses* maybe not compleeetely sober. >.>
Mouth: *sighs and pets* And why is that?
Thorondir: ver' purssuavive is number two. *nuzzle*
Mouth: come on. Taking you to *your bed* >.> my...our room is crowded.
Thorondir: Wherever you like. *giggles again and wraps arms around Mouth's neck*
Mouth: *picks him up* Mn.
Thorondir: *wraps legs around*
Mouth: *stern look* behave.
Thorondir: *bites Mouth's neck*
Mouth: *shuffles off to Thorondir's room*
Thorondir: *keeps a tight grip on Mouth in case of attempted escape*
Mouth: *sits him down on hhis bed*
Thorondir: *nuzzle*
Mouth: to bed with you, you insane little imp.
Thorondir: I am in bed. *tugs Mouth down*
Mouth: Mmhum and I'll see you tomorrow. *kisses his forehead*
Thorondir: no going.
Mouth: see you tommorrow
Thorondir: *pulls Mouth down and pins* no
Mouth: *cuddles* Till you go to sleep then.
Thorondir: have to keep myself awake.
Mouth: Why, now?
Thorondir: So you don't go.
Mouth: Mmhum *pets and hums a lullabye to Thorondir*
Thorondir: because you keep trying that. >.>
Mouth: I'll point out that I'm not the original right here.
Thorondir: o.o
Mouth: You probably don't want me. So you should let me go.
Thorondir: *cling*
Mouth: *holds and brushes the hair out of Thorondir's face.*
Thorondir: no going.
Mouth: if you sleep I'll stay
Thorondir: ...kay.
Mouth: *nuzzles and curls up around*
Thorondir: *kisses*
Mouth: *smiles and yawns*
Thorondir: maybe you won't want to get rid of me...
Mouth: Never did....ever.
Thorondir: *yawns* lies
Mouth: *shifts* no. really. just. I thought I had to....
Thorondir: >.< *cling*
Mouth: *plays with his hair*
Thorondir: you say that and you say you won't and then you do it again.
Mouth: shush. *kisses his forehead* always have come back.
Thorondir: ...cause I made you.
Mouth: o.o what?
Thorondir: I'd throw tantrums or run off to get hurt and you'd come back.
Mouth: Oh that kind of made. >.> *kisses*
Thorondir: *confused look* what other kinds?
Mouth: As in you created me.
Thorondir: oh. can't do that
Mouth: well I am a clone so. mn.
Thorondir: yes. so that means I can call you clone now instead of a real name, like you do to me.
Mouth: fine
Thorondir: ...don't like that either.
Mouth 2: *knocks and opens the door* Allo you two naughty sweetums
Thorondir: Speaking of things I don't like...
Mouth 2: The other Mouths have appointed me to retrieve the errant one here.
Thorondir: nope. He's mine. Go away.
Mouth 2: It's all of us or none of us and if we're doing a rotation thing. I've got dibs on you first for being the first imitation.
Thorondir: FSST
Mouth: I'm coming. *pries Thorondir off*
Thorondir: No! >.<
Mouth: goodnight. Sorry. *leaves*
Thorondir: grrr. *follows*
Mouth 2: *follows out*
Mouth: go back to your room. I'll see you later.
Thorondir: no.
Mouth: I'll call Grima
Thorondir: >.< *stomps his foot* no!
Mouth: Grima?
Thorondir: *covers Mouth's mouth*
Mouth: *prys him off* Shoo. Better for you.
Thorondir: *glares*
Mouth: *leaves*
Thorondir: hatehatehatehate

not being insecure. o.o he loves me, he loves me, he loves me...

Erendis: Goodevening.
Thorondir: fssst
Erendis: *pats and smiles*
Thorondir: *waves cast at Erendis* look what your husband did
Erendis: *bland look* looks like you got off easy.
Thorondir: >.<
Erendis: come on. *tugs him kitchenward*
Thorondir: What? I'm suffering from rejection
Erendis: *nods* Hush.
Thorondir: *mutters and hushes*
Erendis: *sets him down and makes him tea*
Thorondir: *buries his head in his arms*
Erendis: *sets his tea down and sits next to him*
Thorondir: mmph.
Thorondir: *sips tea* >.<
Erendis: *pets and is generally comforting*
Thorondir: he keeps doing that. bah.
Erendis: *nods and listens*
Thorondir: at least Trotter was consistent...
Erendis: mmhum.
Erendis: *tugs Thorondir into her lap*
Thorondir: o.o hi
Erendis: >.> say a word of this to anyone else and I will personally skin you alive
Erendis: *holds and is comforting again*
Thorondir: ...*cling*
Erendis: *rocks him a little and hums*
Thorondir: *starts falling asleep*
Erendis: *smiles and pets*
Thorondir: *yawns* *curls up on Erendis and sleeps*
Erendis: *picks him up and takes him back to his room*
Thorondir: *wraps around a pillow*
Erendis: *pulls the covers over him and leaves to find grima*
Grima: *making cigarette traps*
Erendis: hello there.
Grima: mm. 'lo, mon.
Erendis: Is there anywhere i should avoid.
Grima: Whichever pockets has my cigarettes in them. *leans down and kisses*
Erendis: *wraps her arms around his neck and kisses back*
Grima: You smell like clone.
Erendis: I'm sorry. Had to carry Thorondir back to his room.
Grima: why? o.O
Erendis: he was tipsy. I gave him tea to try to sober him up.
Grima: >.< who gave him alcohol
Erendis: I didn't ask. He talks alot when he's drunk.
Erendis: didn't want to encourage it.
Grima: ah.
Erendis: *plays with his hands* Should I wash? Didn't think it would be that evident...
Grima: I'm low in cigarettes. Everything's evident right now. *nuzzles*
Erendis: mm. poor dear. *pets*
Grima: Also smell Mouthclone
Erendis: It's everywhere. >.< Think I killed one mid morning.
Grima: And...ginger. >.>
Erendis: working on gingersnaps
Erendis: The first batch turned out a little hard. We need more molasses or honey or something... mn
Grima: Send a Mouth to fetch it
Erendis: *nods*
Erendis: *rubs Grimas neck a bit* Have you seen Quorin?
Grima: urp
Erendis: Then has he been recloned?
Grima: >.> probably.
Erendis: okay. Good. ...I think the stuff Ioreth has given me is starting to wear off.
Grima: *pets* Get you some more.
Erendis: good. *clings*
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