Thorondir (iorethscreation) wrote,

ooc: and...last one for Thorondir's. wow that was quick. this one is very tiny and the rest will be in Grima's

Thorondir: I'm leaving you for a rich dunlender, by the way. >.>

Mouth: *sad look*

Thorondir: >.>

Mouth: you don't love of any more

Thorondir: you don't love me. So I am leaving for equally loveless but more consistent pastures. Plus he probably won't do the stuff Trotter did >.> it was a tough decision

Mouth: *hangs head*

Thorondir: I'm not that good for much else. and Grima was sort of helping but then he broke my hand so I've decided you're all really evil. except maybe Erendis and Gwathren.

Mouth: erendis?

Thorondir: Erendis.

Mouth: she has brain washed you!

Thorondir: she made me feel better. >.>

Mouth: you o.o she didn't um what did she do?

Thorondir: she said I couldn't say.

Mouth: O.O did she hurt you? you should learn how to say no

Thorondir: >.<

Mouth: *holds and pets*

Thorondir: fsst. she didn't do anything like that.

Mouth: I know you can't say but you don't have to pretend

Thorondir: SHE DIDN'T

Mouth: *confused look*

Thorondir: *Glare*

Mouth: *pets* then I don't understand

Thorondir: not everyone in the world molests and/or abuses me. >.>

Mouth: *blushes and sad look*

Thorondir: it's just been a bad pattern so far.

Mouth: *stands up and walks away*

Thorondir: what now?

Mouth: I am bad pattern.

Thorondir: just a little.

Mouth: yes and I'm not allowed

Thorondir: not allowed?

Mouth: *leaves*

Thorondir: *yells after* And this is why I go straight to people like Trotter!

Mouth: *gone*

Thorondir: *kicks a wall*

Erendis: *looks in - eyedarts*

Thorondir: *sits down and tugs his legs up* *begins muttering curses*

Erendis: *sits down next to him.* problems?

Thorondir: he won't stay. >.<

Erendis: why is that

Thorondir: I bet he thinks he's being tragic.

Erendis: probably

Thorondir: bah.

Erendis: *pats* you need to move on
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